Breaking News: Scientist Found A Plant That Kills Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours! Spread The Info!

The “Life Science” published a study which showed that the derivative of Sweet wormwood plant – artemisinin has the ability to destroy 98% of breast cancer cells in last than 16 hours.

Breaking News: Scientist Found A Plant That Kills Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours! Spread The Info!

According to some statistics, the usage of this plant reduces 28% of breast cancer cells. Moreover, in combination with iron, this plant can even “delete” cancer almost completely. The best part is that it does not affect the healthy cells present in the breast.

In the past, people have been using artemisinin as a potent antimalarial agent. Luckily, this study managed to discover its benefits against cancer as well.

During the study, the subjects were added iron which usually accumulates in the breast tissue or cells infected by cancer. So, artemisinin targets the bad cells while the healthy ones stay untouched.

It should also be mentioned that iron accumulates in cancer cells with specific receptors that help them sharing cells (called “transferrin” receptors).

Healthy cells can also have these receptors, with the difference that cancer cells have them in large quantities, so they can be targeted by a combination of atemisinin and iron.

People in China have been using this extract for centuries know against malaria.

There have been lots of experiments that prove that artemisinin can effectively remove the disease in the presence of iron.

This extract has been used for thousands of years in China against malaria. The parasites can’t live in the presence of this extract since it is full of iron.

This was discovered by the bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh at the University of Washington, and the results from their research show that the cancerous cells experience apoptosis, they kill themselves.

Nowadays, it is difficult to obtain this extract due to its high price, but more and more people are interested in this plant so the price could become more obtainable. French drug manufacturer “Sanofi” expects to produce 50-60 tons of Artemisinin each year, hoping to meet the demand of the world market.

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