She Soaked Her Feet In Vinegar For 10 Minutes! The Reason?

She Soaked Her Feet In Vinegar For 10 Minutes! The Reason?

In spite of its pungent odor and unappealing murkiness, it has been lauded as a beauty MVP, because of its versatility. As it is described in this First Blush article, people are applying ACV to work as a facial toner and as a clarifying hair rinse. In the video below, the Huffington Post put widely touted apple cider vinegar “hacks” to the test.

Similar to most beauty products, your mileage with apple cider vinegar may differ, and it can be more effective at performing certain tasks over others. The important thing to remember, is before applying it to your face, you should apply a small, diluted amount to a test patch of skin and wash it off immediately if you notice any adverse effects.


Additionally, you may want to try a foot soak. As the blogger Gaytha Stewart combined. He combined vinegar, but he does not specify what type of vinegar, he uses in his blog post, with Listerine mouthwash in order to revolutionize his pedicure routine. The blogger Stewart claims that after soaking his feet in the concoction, they were “amazingly smooth.”

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