See What It Means If One Of Your Testicles Is Lower Than The Other – It Could be a BIG Warning !

It’s human nature that everything should be symmetrical. Therefore, many young men start to panic when they realize that “down there” in their crotch, things are not exactly on set the level. But it also doesn’t need to be, and here’s why.

Unlike women, who have ovaries, testicles represent the male sex glands. All male mammals have two testicles, which are commonly found in the extension of the abdomen, behind the penis in a leather pouch called the scrotum or testicles.

Their size in humans averages about five centimeters. When a man grows up, the testicular volume can be increased up to 500 percent compared to the size before puberty.

At puberty the testicles begin to produce sperm, approximately 70 million per day and the male sex hormone – testosterone, which among other things leads to a deeper voice, beard, increase muscle mass and body.

See What It Means If One Of Your Testicles Is Lower Than The Other – It Could be a BIG Warning !

It is normal that one testicle is lower than the other (usually the left), and it is natural that there are differences in their size. This occurs because of differences in vascular and anatomical structure on the left and right side of the scrotum and testicles.

In fact, this asymmetry is a very good idea of ​​evolution – the testicles are not equal so that they do not touch one another while men walk, and therefore, therefore infringement would not be caused.

So, guys, your jewels are not perfectly placed, no needs to worry!

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