This Is Why It's Important To Urinate After Sex

 This Is Why It's Important To Urinate After Sex

It is highly important to worry about your sexual health.

Urinating right after having sex is beneficial for you and your body since it helps you fight infections that can hurt your physical well-being.

The anus is close to the vagina, meaning fecal bacteria are close. This situation after sex can have an unpleasant result. The penetration when having intercourse allows some of these bacteria to get close to the urethra.

After having sex, there are microbes and bacteria in the genitalia area and rectum. They can penetrate and collect in the urethra, which increase the risk of infection in the bladder. Actually, it has been proved that this is one of the biggest causes of infections in the urinary tract in women. So, in order to prevent it, it is important to urinate immediately after sex.

Moreover, female ejaculation doesn’t happen through the urethra, which means the only way to take out and remove those substances or particles gained during sex is through urination. Thus, doctors advice to urinate within 45 minutes after having sex.

Additionally, you can protect against these infections and sexually transmitted diseases that can affect your health, including your partners by using condoms.

Another way to prevent infection in the urinary tract and protect your health is maintaining good personal hygiene just before and after sex. This is essential for women prone to cystitis. They should wash their vaginal area with water and a little neutral pH soap after intercourse.

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