How To Chop Your Fruits And Vegetables To Get The Most Vitamins And Minerals Possible

One might not think of the importance of cutting technique when it comes to fruits and vegetables. In actuality, it is the contrary, certain simple techniques can be followed to make sure that you maximize the amount of nutritional value in your produce. Surprising I know!

The most important rule is to try as hard as you can to refrain yourself from chopping until the moment that you want to eat the fruits and vegetables. Cutting them days in advance can lead to a loss of nutritional value. The skin that protects the fruit from the outside world also protects the nutrients from getting out.

How To Chop Your Fruits And Vegetables To Get The Most Vitamins And Minerals Possible

Make sure you are using a sharp knife. Using dull knives damages the produce and guarantees a loss of electrolytes. When using a dull knife the likelihood of turing the fruit or vegetable soft is a lot higher and in turn will damage it. Damaging the produce when cutting it can lead to a loss of potassium and calcium, which are two of the main reasons why you are eating the produce to begin with.

Larger chops can have larger beneficial value (Bigger is Better!). Not only does it lead to a longer lifespan but it also lowers the chance of bacterial growth. The increase of dehydration and loss of nutritional value is another major reason for trying to keep your produce chopping to a larger size. When shredding or mincing the produce has a hard time from keeping all the wonderful features it offers intact. Discoloration is another affect from shredding your produce.

All in all these simple steps can lead to a small difference in your diet with huge benefits!

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