Have You Always Dreamed of Having Larger Breasts? These Plants Will Increase Your Breast Size Naturally!

Breast increase occurs in women majorly during adolescence and pregnancy. Also to a lesser extent, increase in breast size occurs during menstrual period.

Have You Always Dreamed of Having Larger Breasts? These Plants Will Increase Your Breast Size Naturally!

However, most women are not happy with their breast size and would like to increase it. Did you know you can do that naturally without pills or surgeries?

Here are some plants that will help you increase your breast size: 

Saw palmetto

It is known to treat impotence in men, but did you know it could boost your cup size, too? It dates back to the pre-Mayan civilization and aside from boosting your breast size, saw palmetto offers tons of health benefits, too. It tones the urethra, which supports the healthy function of the urinary system. It can also be a nutritive tonic for smooth digestion and a healthy appetite. You can buy it in the market in tea, capsule, or tablet form. Drink two to three cups of saw palmetto tea everyday or take supplements twice daily. Just make sure to check with your doctor if saw palmetto pills are safe for you.


It is also among the most important herbs in terms of breast enhancement because it contains estrogenic compounds that can mimic the estrogen activity in your body. For centuries, fennel is used to enhance a woman’s breast size and aids in the milk production of nursing mothers. Fennel seeds have high level of flavonoids that can boost estrogen levels in the body and promote growth of breast tissue – something your breasts need. You can add it to lotions and use it to massage your breasts. Do this twice a day and you’ll see a difference in your breast size after a few months.

Red Clover

This common plant is found across the U.S. and the U.K. It has been used for breast enhancement and boosting breast health because of its capacity to mimic the natural estrogen hormones in your body. It can also help make your breasts firm; too. It is beneficial because it contains four separate phytoestrogens that can act as estrogen in the body. The specific phytoestrogens found in red clover bind to estradiol receptors that are responsible for the development of breast tissue. 

Wild Yam

It has beneficial effects on women’s reproductive health, including combating symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and menopausal issues. At the same time, it is widely used as a breast enlarger, since it promotes healthy breast tissue. You can take wild yam in its capsule form or drink it in its tea form. Wild yam creams are also available, which you can use to massage your breasts twice a day.

Black cohosh

It is a native of North America, grows about two meters in height, with small white flowers that looks like a spike. Today, black cohosh grows in large areas in Europe, due to it’s huge popularity. This herb is believed to help women with postmenopausal symptoms. At the same time, it has properties that are capable of raising estrogen levels, which makes it a perfect candidate to help boost your breast size. Hence, this explains why black cohosh is a must in breast enhancement supplements. Just make sure you don’t take very high amounts, as it can damage your liver. 


Hops is basically what gives beer its distinct, slightly bitter taste. It was also a mainstay in traditional folk medicine for its diverse medicinal qualities. However, this herb is another popular way to naturally make boobs grow bigger. This herb will help by developing your mammary glands, and also the flavonoids it contains will help stimulate hormonal production. There are a number of different phyto-estrogens in hops that will act as the female hormone known as estrogen. Keep in mind that hops contain ingredients that promote mild sedation so never use it while you are drinking alcohol.

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