7 Reasons Why Women Should Drink Beer

Drinking moderately is good for the health. Moreover, recent studies have shown that beer, especially black beer, has many benefits to the health and beauty of women. Here’s why it’s not a bad idea to drink a glass of beer after a long day.

1.It strengthens the bones

Women who drink two beers a day have stronger bones than those who don’t enjoy this spirit drink. This is a result of a study of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine from the US state of Oregon, which was published in the Natural Medicine Journal. The same study showed that beer contains significant amounts of degradable silicon, which is one of the important elements in human bones. Moderate drinking of beer is particularly recommended to menopausal women which is associated with thinning of bone density.

2.Prevents colds and has anti-inflammatory properties

Beer is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and selenium that protect the whole body from seasonal diseases. In addition, it contains many antioxidants that stimulate the immune system. “Beer is food, which is equal to other healthy foods with a bitter taste, such as olive oil, spinach, Swiss chard or arugula. And hops, as a basic ingredient of beer, contains humulone molecules – a powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Humulone molecules inhibit the enzymes responsible for initiating the inflammatory process.”

3.It makes the skin more beautiful

Beer is an excellent source of B complex vitamins which are responsible for beautiful and taut skin; it also helps to maintain muscle tone and provides energy throughout the body. “Dark beer has more nutrients than light beer, and offers a range of health benefits: it reduces bad cholesterol, stimulates digestion, makes the skin beautiful and strengthens the immune system of the body.” Since we can’t absorb sufficient quantities of vitamins B from food, they should be compensated in other ways. There’s even an ‘urban’ legend that mosquitoes avoid people who have a balanced amount of B complex in the body.

4.Reduce Bloating

Studies have shown that dark beer has more nutrients than light beer. 350 milliliters of dark beer has, for example, more than one gram of fiber (the same quantity of light beer has less than 1 gram of dietary fiber), which ensures the health of the gastrointestinal system, reduces flatulence and constipation.

5.Kills spring fatigue

Do you feel tired and irritable? You are probably suffering from the effects of spring fatigue, which, among other things, is connected to a lack of iron in the blood. It’s difficult to absorb from food, so it should be taken in other ways. Black beer is an excellent source of that particular mineral. The effect of alcohol, on the other hand, will effectively solve the problems with insomnia. “Beer is a rich source of vitamin B, especially B 12, which is not found in plants, and is responsible for the formation of red blood cells. In the past, children in Ireland were given two teaspoons of Guinness as a remedy.”

6.Protects the heart

Moderate beer drinking increases the amount of good cholesterol, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, and thins the blood, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. An Italian study has shown that women who drink one beer a day had 42 % less chance of developing cardiovascular disease than those who don’t drink alcohol. Above all, moderate drinking of alcohol can reduce the possibility of getting type 2 diabetes.

7.Hydrates after exercise

Forget energy drinks, and drink a glass of beer after exercising. Spanish researchers from the University of Granada have proven that beer has a better moisturizing effect on the body than plain water when the body reaches higher temperatures, as is the case with serious amateurs and professional athletes.

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