Why Durian is named The King of Fruits

Why Durian is named The King of Fruits

The durian fruit is popular in Southeast Asia and is even known as the King of Fruits. Durian is well-known for its strong odor that usually turns off people who have encountered the fruit for the first time. However, once opened and tasted, the durian fruit is actually sweet, delicious, and healthy as well. It is so healthy that the flesh is not only the one that gives health benefits, but also its leaves and skin.

The flesh has many nutrients, such as fat, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, riboflavin, and folate. The most notable nutrients found in the durian fruit are phosphorus and iron. These two minerals are 10 times more than the ones found in bananas.

Health Benefits

If you eat durian fruit, here are the ways it can help improve your health:

1. Eating the flesh of the fruit is believed to cure jaundice.

2. Durian has manganese, which can maintain your blood sugar levels so that your numbers will be more stable.

3. The flesh of the fruit has B vitamins as well as potassium and calcium. When combined, these three can contribute to the health of your bones and joints.

4. When you eat durian, it may be able to help you overcome anemia
because the fruit is rich in folate and iron.

5. The fruit is also good for your teeth and mouth because of its phosphorus content.

6. The vitamin C in this fruit can help prevent premature aging, since the said vitamin acts as an antioxidant that repels toxins.

7. The vitamin B6
in the fruit can help reduce stress levels and therefore decrease the risk of depression.

8. One serving of the fruit can give you almost 20% of the daily recommended value for carbohydrates. If you’re not trying to avoid carbs on your diet, durian is a good source for it. Carbohydrates are great for people who need extra energy such as athletes and runners.

9. Durian has tryptophan, which is actually called the natural sleeping pill. If you are having trouble falling asleep, you can turn to durian to induce a restful sleep.

10. Durian also has thiamin, providing you 30% of the recommended amount. Your body needs thiamin to digest carbohydrates and turn them into energy. Thiamin is also great for the health of your nerves and muscles.

These 10 benefits of durian can truly help you achieve good health. You should note though that durian is high in cholesterol and sugar. People with diabetes and high blood pressure as well as pregnant women are advised to eat the fruit in moderation.

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