What Chinese Face Mapping Reveals About Your Health

What is Chinese Face Mapping?

The Chinese have long thought of the organs in our body as interconnected and when something goes wrong, the whole body is treated, not just the symptoms.

Chinese face mapping or ‘Mien Shiang‘ literally means reading the face and traditional Chinese medicine firmly believes in the face telling more stories than whether you are pretty or not.

When one of our largest organ – our skin starts playing up, it could be an indication of something else that is not going right inside us; and what ever these imbalances are (and we may not be aware of them), it will show on our face.
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine believes that each part of our face represents certain organs inside our body, and when imbalances occur in certain areas, for example the chin, it is pointing us to other health issues that we need to address.

It could be a wide range of ailments ranging from acne, rashes, and skin sensitivity to wrinkles and pigmentation.
Face Mapping and Skin Conditions

Forehead : Bladder and Small Intestines

Too much fatty and processed food resulting in a sluggish and overworked digestive system. Excessive alcohol consumption, too much sugar intake and too many late nights will also hinder proper digestion and cause havoc on your skin.

Stress, dirty headgear such as caps, hair fringes, too much hair products and worrying too much could also be a cause.

Raw foods, plenty of pure water, abstinence from alcohol and plenty of rest and sleep. It’s time to cleanse your system, eat healthy raw foods and empty out the garbage in your head.

Mid Brow : Liver


Like above, you are stressing your digestive system too much and not getting enough rest. You may also be allergic to certain foods such as wheat or diary and/or have a diet too heavy on meat consumption.


As well as eating a healthy fresh food diet; fresh air, calming exercises such as yoga, brisk walking and meditation will help.

Temples and Brows : Kidneys

Excessive tobacco, alcohol, poor lymphatic circulation, high fat consumption and possible weak heart.

Plenty of pure water and cut down on caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol. Make sure you are hydrated all the time.

Nose : Heart

Constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating and poor blood circulation. High blood pressure could also bring problems to this area of your face.

Check your blood pressure to make sure that it is within the acceptable range and follow a low cholesterol and low fat diet. Organic green tea will help flush out toxins and moderate daily exercise will also improve the condition.

Upper Cheeks : Lungs


Respiratory problems caused by asthma, pollution, smoking will all affect this area. This is also where dark circles under the eyes are formed.

Keep away from polluted air, smog, second smoke and increase your oxygen intake. If you smoke, stop. exercise in fresh air and keep away from spicy and fatty foods.

Right and Left Cheek : Lungs and Kidneys

Smoking, bad digestion, stomach problems, stress, bad diet, sugar overload and possible allergies.

Eliminate processed foods from your diet and make sure you are using good quality makeup or skin care products that are suitable for your skin. As your cheeks touches surfaces such as pillow cases and mobile phones, make sure these areas are clean. Same applies to makeup sponges and brushes.

Mouth and Chin : Stomach

A diet too rich in fats, sugar and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. If you notice this is the area that gets most affected after festive season eating. Too many late nights and stress on your body will also lead to hormonal imbalances.

A detox diet will help cleanse the system out and restore some balance. Eat plenty of dark green vegetables and make sure you are hydrated and not over loading your system. Should problems persist, check with a doctor for any imbalances in your hormonal system. 

Jawline and Neck : Hormones

It could be your body fight bacteria, stress, a change in environment or a change in diet and lifestyle. It could also be because you are ovulating.

Keep the area clean and get plenty of fresh air. Gentle exercise such as yoga and meditation will help as well. Good Omega 3-6-9 tablets will also help balance out hormones.

Ears : Kidneys

Excessive salt, spices, MSG and not enough water. Sometimes, too much caffeine can also result in this area flaring up.


Cut down on salt, spices and caffeine and drink lots of water.

Understanding Chinese Face Mapping

Chinese face map reading is by no means the be all and end of of skin diagnosis. Many factors such as environment, allergies, hygiene, genetics, clothing, medication and lifestyle all come into play; but it is a good place to begin to understand where the problems of your skin condition may come from.


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