Improve Hair Growth And Hygiene With This With This Peppermint Oil

Improve Hair Growth And Hygiene With This With This Peppermint Oil

Hair loss can be an embarrassing event for anyone to go through. Not only does it affect your physical appearance, it also wreaks havoc on your mental state. It’s no surprise that hair loss usually equals loss of confidence. However, what follow below will surprise you with its ability to grow your hair, and it’s added benefit of cleaning your hair improving your overall confidence.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men is a very common thing, but, hair loss in women is also growing as an issue. Hair loss does not only affect an individual’s confidence; it can also affect their self-perception drastically. Now if you suffer from hair loss a question you might ask yourself is: is there something wrong with me?

The answer to that question is simply no. Although there is a societal construct that demands one to have a full head of hair, speaking from a biological point of view hair loss is a natural occurrence in the (male or female) body.

What Cause Hair Loss?

When it comes to thinning hair lines and full blown baldness men and women share the same burden. Although the popular media has made it seem like baldness is strictly a male issue, it can also affect woman just significantly. When it comes to hair loss there are a few different factors that play a role thinning your hair line.

The first and most prevalent factor when it comes to hair loss is age. Like most parts of the human body, the older one gets the more susceptible to change one’s hair and scalp become. It might surprise you to learn that hair loss can actually begin in one’s teens or early 20s, and by the age of 50 an overwhelming majority of all women have thinning hair.

The second factor which plays a large role in hair loss is hormones. Hormones help control almost all aspects of growth in the human body.

After the menopause period, thinning of the hair becomes more pronounced. In men testosterone is the culprit when it comes to hair loss. With women, hair begins to thin out because the hair follicles are responding in exactly the same way as men to the testosterone in the blood.

Like men, women also have testosterone although at much lower levels. Testosterone is a necessary hormone in the body. Balding does not mean that a woman has more testosterone in her blood then she originally had; it simply means that the hair follicles on her scalp are oversensitive.

When hair follicles become over saturated with testosterone, they become irritated. This irritation more than anything is what leads to baldness. Other causes for hair loss include iron deficiency, severe mental stress, severe physical illness of any kind, (particularly a high fever or severe infection) and childbirth.

The Research.

Peppermint is a plant native to Europe with health benefits many are only realizing today. A recent study conducted by Korean researchers has found that peppermints health benefits may extend into the realm of aesthetics and beauty.

The study consisted of a five week observation in which four sets of lab mice were shaven bald. After being shaven each set of mice was assigned a topical cream of specific plant extracts to apply to their bare skin. After results where recorded researchers began to examine which topical cream yielded the most growth steadily over a five week period.

The Findings.

Out of the five test group’s, peppermint oil revealed to have the most significant hair growth when compared to all other topical creams. In only a matter of four weeks, mice who were given peppermint oil as a hair growth extract were able to grow back up to 80% of their total body hair. This is especially surprising especially when one considers that all other creams were unable to yield the same results.

Although, these results help to build a solid case for peppermint as the answer to hair growth issues, more research still needs to be conducted and examined. As it stands scientist are still unsure which specific aspect of peppermint oil helps to improve hair growth.

Peppermint oil can also prove to be an excellent cleaning agent for hair. Alongside its ability to aid in hair growth peppermint oil contains properties that make it a natural antibacterial and antifungal substance. Additionally, peppermint oil has a scent that is hard not to love. Applying to the scalp could help hair smell look and feel much cleaner.

Using peppermint oil will not reverse the aging process, but it just might be able to help improve your hair growth and help you keep your hair cleaner than ever.

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