Here Is What 6 Hours Of Sleep Can Do To Your Face

Here Is What 6 Hours Of Sleep Can Do To Your Face: A Huge Difference In The Appearance After 6 And 8 Hours Of Sleep

 Here Is What 6 Hours Of Sleep Can Do To Your Face: A Huge Difference In The Appearance After 6 And 8 Hours Of Sleep

According to the latest experiment of London scientists, the lack of sleep affects the skins appearance and the mental state of the person.

Sarah Chalmers has decided to participate in an experiment at the University of London, which explores the dream and the sleep. This experiment is particularly related to the lack of sleep and its impact on skin appearance.

Before the experiment, Sarah has undergone testing and scanning of the skin on her face.

The 46-year-old woman considers herself to look much older than she actually is. As she says, she has expressed pores, dark circles under her eyes and skin with no shine. Above all, she recently noted the numerous stains that have appeared on her chin.

In addition, Sarah notes that recently she has been very upset and nervous, a little bit clumsy and forgetful, and all that for one reason – for days she has been sleeping less than six hours, which is two hours less than the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Insufficient sleep is attributed to many business and home commitments, for example the children, as is the case with most women nowadays.

Although the eight hours of sleep is the recommended norm, more and more people around the world have five to six hours of sleep a maximum.

“I did not realize how the lack of sleep can affect my concentration, attention and memory. Now I know that the lack of sleep can also affect the appearance of my skin and my immune system” says Sarah.

Sarah believes that this experiment that lasted for several days, in which she participated was very instructive for her.

Here is Sarah after 8 hours of sleeping:

Sarah after 6 hours of sleeping..

“I found myself getting irritable with my children at the drop of a hat, and I felt permanently hungry.”

Before getting back to her usual, healthy eight hours sleep per night, Chalmers went back to get another facial scan.

It determined redness, texture and larger pore size.

One of the most interesting facts to come out of this experiment is described by Dr Guy Meadows, who led Chalmers’ study.

“You can’t repair a sleep debt by having loads more sleep the next day. Your daytime activities are like a house party, and after every one of those you need a clean-up operation to remove the toxins amassed during the day.”

“When our sleep is restricted we are pushed into the most primitive part of our brain, the amygdala, where base emotions lie. This is why we often experience increased anger, sadness and irritation.”

A lack of sleep also has an impact on our immune system, leaving us more vulnerable to infection. ‘And our looks are compromised by a drop in collagen production brought on by a surge in cortisol which the body releases when it is stressed — and sleep deprivation is a form of stress,’ says Dr Meadows.

So, from now on, I’m going to make sure I get the full eight hours — or I fear I will suffer the consequences.
By Sarah Chalmers, Daily Mail


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