10 Things That Happen When You Start Running

10 Things That Happen When You Start Running

Scientists believe that running is the fountain of youth. It improves overall health, heart function, bone health and burns calories. But, running is not that simple – you need a good motivation.

Here are some reasons to run more often.

1. You will feel much better
Regardless of your mood, running will make you feel much better. It stimulated the production of endocannabinoids.

A 2006 research found that running for 30 minutes improves mood in people who deal with depression. If you have not run before, start with walking or jogging.

2. You will look good
Running burns calories, aids in weight loss, but what many people do not know is that it burns calories even when you stop running.

3. Healthy skin complexion
Believe it or not, sweating cleans dirt from pores. It also keeps you fresh and healthy.

4. Perfect body line
Running not only burns calories but also tones your body and tightens your legs and stomach.

5. Stronger knees
Many people believe that running weakens knees. Scientists have proven the opposite – running improves the health of your knees. However, make sure that you run properly.
6. Stronger heart
Running reduces bad cholesterol. It decreases blood pressure and improves circulation.

7. You will be much stronger
Running will make you stronger, and you will do your exercises more easily. It will also improve the function of your lungs.

8. Better sleep
Insomniacs should stop taking sleeping pills and start running. A research has shown that insomniacs fall asleep within 38 minutes, but when they start running, they fall asleep in less than 17 minutes.

9. You will be more focused
A research conducted in Great Britain has proven that workers who exercise are more focused and productive, and do less mistakes, unlike workers that do not exercise.

10. You will save money
Do not fall in despair if you cannot afford going to the gym or buy special equipment. The only thing that running requires is a pair of good snickers.

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