What Can Cabbage Leaves Heal?

What Can Cabbage Leaves Heal?

In treatment of some disease such as gangrene, throat inflammation, bronchitis, headache, rashes, worms, purulent ulcers and others, cabbage leaf coatings can be very helpful. They can be also used in healing of migraines, joint pains, burns, inflammation of the tendons, acne, varicose veins, swelling etc.

If you cope with any of above stated conditions and health issues you should use big cabbage leaves .You can benefit from any kind of cabbage but the purple cabbage is the most effective.

Before implementing the leaves on the afflicted area, make sure to wash and dry the leaves. Use bandage and plaster to fix them and then allow them to complete their magic overnight during your night sleep .A new coating should be made every day.


Cabbage leaves are the perfect utensils for healing wounds. Before you cut them you should wash the leaves and flatten them with a bottle or rolling pin. Before using them, put the leaves in the microwave. The leaf should be large enough to cover the wound. A new leaf should be put on every two hours. Later you can prolong the changing every four hours.

Diarrhea and stomach ulcers

By drinking one or two cups of cabbage juice in between meals you can free off diarrhea or soothe inflammation of the intestines. Cabbage can heal stomach ulcers as well
Over grown nails and inflammation of the glands.

Over grown nails and inflammation of the glands

Cabbage leaves can help if you are dealing with overgrown nails or inflammation of the glands.

Apply three cabbage leaves onto the affected are and let them act overnight. Repeat this procedure until you improve the health condition you are dealing with.


Cabbage contains an abundance of mineral salts, vitamins and chlorophyll. This is why people who suffer from anemia should consume raw or steam cooked cabbage. Anemic people should also drink two cups of cabbage juice, which you can easily prepare in a juicer.

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