Unsettling Link Between Cancer And Eating Red Meat

Unsettling Link Between Cancer And Eating Red Meat

Do you enjoy red meat, as much as that hamburger means to you let’s hope your life means more. Red meat has been known as a caner cause for a rather long time now, but there is no known cause as to why this happens.

It has recently been discovered that cancer risk increases because red meat has an unnatural chemical in it that should not be consumed. The consumption of red meat can lead to many different forms of cancer including breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal. A group of researchers has recently discovered that this is all because of Neu5Gc, a sugar molecule that is found in things like pork, lamb, and beef. When you consume red meat the body detects the sugar immediately as a foreign substance which causes the immune system to attack it. This results to inflammation and if it happens continuously will promote the growth of tumors.

Humans are the only ones who have a higher risk when eating red meat. 

When other carnivores ingest red meat they do so without problem. But because the sugar Neu5Gc is not naturally present in the bodies of humans it triggers an immune response causing cancer in the end. A person with a diet consisting of large amounts of red meats can cause the immune system to constantly produce antibodies and result in cancer. For people who eat red meat you should definetly think about cutting back and only eating this in moderation. 500g per week is the maximum one should consume no more.

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