Apple Cider Vinegar Bath to Treat Arthritis & Joint Pain Naturally

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath to Treat Arthritis & Joint Pain Naturally

It is hard to get anything done when you have arthritis pain. Some people experience chronic joint pain and they know this is no joking matter.

If you are one of the people who suffer from joint pain it might seem like you can’t find anything out there to relieve the pain. Conventional medicines just wont work. If you are having this problem then you should try apple cider vinegar.

How can apple cider vinegar relieve my pain?

By mixing apple cider vinegar with twelve cups of warm water you can soak you hands and feet in a comforting bath that will relieve your pain. If you are suffering from neck pain as well soak up some of this mixture and put it on your neck. You will notice a big difference. You could also mix apple cider vinegar with olive oil or coconut oil. Apple cider vinegar can be drank also in order to prevent arthritis. Just add it to your favorite fruit juice and drink up.

Cherry juice is a great juice to mix it with because it will give you tons more benefits as well as masking the taste comfortably. Apple cider vinegar has many uses and while it heals your joints it will also flush your body and rid you of toxins. Everyone should add apple cider vinegar their diets.

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