5 Common Habits That Cause Sagging Breasts

5 Common Habits That Cause Sagging Breasts

While it is inevitable that every woman will at some point in their life develop sagging breasts, there are ways the slow down the process. If you want to keep your breast perky and poppy for as long as possible, you should get rid f a few habits you may have.


While it is okay to diet don’t over do it. If you lose a few pounds, i’m sure that won’t affect anything but if you randomly drop thirty or fifty pounds even the elasticity of your breasts will become looser causing sagging breasts.


Smoking is a quick way to age your skin that in term causes sagging breasts, Smoking can affect your lungs dramatically and t hen onto the skin on top of the lungs which is, you guessed it, your breasts.

Forgetting Sunblock

Exposing your skin to sunlight without using sunblock is very bad. This causes stretching in the collagen of your skin ensuring that you have sagging breasts and premature wrinkles as well.


Make sure that the bras you wear are supportive and don’t allow you breasts to move around much. You see the more they move up and down the more they stretch and become saggy.


“High -impact activity like running causes lots of repetitive up-and-down and side-to-side movement of your breasts, and all that figure eight-shaped movement appears to be one of many factors that can lead to sagging.”

So next time you decide to go swimming or get ready to light up another cigarette please consider the risks. Do you want perky and poppy boobs for another ten years or another thirty?

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