Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Knuckles (or Neck): A Chiropractor Explains

By Nick Meyer

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit, well, creakier than usual.

It’s probably because I’ve been spending a little too much time working, hunched over at my desk, but at the same time, I’ve also noticed that while I’ve been cracking my hands, knuckles and neck quite a bit, the problem hasn’t been getting much better.

I’ve started supplementing with turmeric and MSM capsules and also recently got a massage using avocado oil, and while both have helped, a lot of the creakiness has still remained.

Since then I’ve gone back to cracking my hands quite a bit, mostly because of how good it feels. But is cracking our hands and neck really a solution to our problems or just a stopgap measure that makes us feel good in the short term?

Chiropractor Dr. JaDean Anderson explains in the video below why cracking these areas may be symptomatic of a larger problem, and why you should avoid doing it:


By Nick Meyer, AltHealth Works


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