How To Reduce Snoring With A Simple Juice Recipe‏

Snoring is exacerbated by excess mucus production. Here is a great healthy juicing solution that can reduce the build up of mucus resulting in a better nights sleep for you and your partner.

More and more people are enjoying the health benefits from juicing. It is widely recognized that juicing will actually help your body to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables as they are easier to digest and have not lost any of their nutritional qualities by cooking. It is an efficient and tasty way of including a huge variety of fruit and vegetables, some of which you may never have enjoyed eating in their more traditional form and there are literally endless possibilities.

The best time to drink a fresh juice is usually on an empty stomach, leaving at least half an hour before you eat a meal. An empty and hungry stomach will simply have a far better opportunity to absorb the nutrients (in just the same way as if you eat harmful foods all the additives and chemicals etc are absorbed by an empty stomach).

Some people juice large quantities of fruit over vegetables but care should be taken if you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or have a severe cholesterol problem – in these instances it is recommended that you take further advice and juice mainly vegetables. An important and useful exception is juicing including lemons and limes as they do not contain the same levels of natural fruit sugar, or fructose, which is what can cause problems in large quantities with the above ailments.

Lemons and limes also have the advantage that they can cover up the bitter taste that some people dislike from deep Green leafy veg which are often considered to be the turbo charged healthy ingredients in some juice recipes.

It goes without saying that organic fruit and vegetables should always be used wherever possible as they will not have toxic chemical pesticide residues.

If you (or your partner) suffers from interrupted sleep due to snoring there are several things that you can do to lessen or even eliminate the problem.

Many foods are known to increase the intensity and regularity of snoring so these should be avoided in the evenings : dairy products, heavy floury foods, fried foods, chocolate, excessive alcohol and processed foods.
By reducing those foods as much as possible and drinking this nutritious juice regularly you should find that your airways are less constricted and mucus will stop blocking them. Initially you should find at least the volume of snoring decrease noticeably but the maximum benefits will increase over time as nasal congestion is cleared.


2 Organic Apples (it should all be organic or home-grown if possible)
2 Home-grown Carrots
1/4 Lemon
1″ of Ginger

Juice away and enjoy a better nights sleep.



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