Top 10 Signs Indicating You Are A Sex Addict

Top 10 Signs Indicating You Are A Sex Addict

Getting intimate with your significant other or a random person (while wearing protection) is a natural and healthy activity most adults engage into these days. Even though sex is normal between two consenting adults, it is necessary to mention that going over a certain line might indicate the presence of a progressive disorder.

As you probably learned from the media, the number of cases of sexual addicts is constantly increasing, especially among public figures. While some might view their actions as another way to get into the center of attention, the truth is that this disorder exists. In fact, similarly to other behavioral disorders, sexual addiction can be identified via specific symptoms. Let’s elaborate.

1. You live a double life

Double life in this context refers to having a sex life that you go to great lengths to keep a secret from your loved ones. To be more precise, a married person who is a sexual addict will feel a compulsive need to cheat on his partner, is a regular of the strip or nightclubs in town and will constantly hide from others to enjoy his pornography. Simply put, if you are in a relationship and you are constantly hiding in order to get your sexual gratification, then that should raise a red flag.

2. You are always seeking adventures/engaging in risky behaviors
You are always seeking adventures/engaging in risky behaviors
Looking for adventure and constantly engaging in risky behaviors is a further common symptom of sex addiction. Therefore, if you find yourself frequently driving to the shady part of town where you know you can find prostitutes or if you are trying to have sex with unknown partners in public places, then you might have a serious problem.

3. You have a hard time maintaining a relationship
You have a hard time maintaining a relationship
Because a sex addict will have an overall suspicious behavior and possibly go missing from home for extended periods, it is only normal that he will have difficulties maintaining a normal relationship. In spite of the fact that you might have feelings for the person you are involved with, the truth is that the excitement you get from your double life overshadows the possible advantages of a romantic relationship at the subconscious level.

4. You feel an overwhelming guilt
You feel an overwhelming guilt
More often than not, intercourse releases a significant quantity of chemicals that induce a euphoric state during and after sex. However, things are exactly the opposite with sex addicts. Even though they might feel euphoria due to immediate sexual gratification, it doesn’t take long before the feeling of overwhelming guilt kicks in and takes over. In general, the negative feelings stem out of low self-esteem, self-loathing and a crushing emptiness, all common for people with compulsive sexual behaviors.

5. You see sex toys in otherwise innocent objects
You see sex toys in otherwise innocent objects
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to spice up the atmosphere in the bedroom with some little “marital aids”, you know you have a problem when you start seeing all objects around you as potential sex toys. Not to mention that things could get pretty weird when you start fantasizing about sex while you are shopping around for a birthday present in a toy store. Although fantasy is healthy and contributes to most people’s arousal, you shouldn’t let it take over your life.

6. You are very open about the topic in public
Depending on the places and type of people you hang around with, chances are you could be surrounded by open-minded people who don’t find sex topics or discussions taboo. However, even in these circles it’s simply wrong to constantly make dirty jokes each time the opportunity appears. In short, pointing out to any nearby skirt and yelling that you want to hit that girl is unacceptable, even with open-minded acquaintances. As a side note, while carrying a bind-and-paper book on the way home is surely going to attract a few affectionate looks from the representatives of the opposite sex, walking around with a copy of a book that contains very explicit sexual content is plain wrong.

7. You experience impotence symptoms when in a romantic relationship
You experience impotence symptoms when in a romantic relationship
Because the sex addict thrives off adventure and trying out new things every time, he is simply unable to engage in a normal relationship. And, things tend to get even more complicated when he starts developing romantic feelings for his partner. The main issue here stems from the fact that feelings for the other person automatically shift the balance of power, taking the addict out of the dominant position. In other words, as the intercourse is no longer carnal and meaningless, he will lose all control over the situation and could experience impotency when he tries to get intimate.

8. You get edgy when things don’t go your way
In spite of the fact that sex addicts do get a lot of action, in the end they don’t get the gratification they desperately seek simply because they only get emotionless intercourse. Still, not getting any can also lead to harsh consequences, such as being edgy and snapping at everyone for no reason. On a side note, some experts have even compared this deviant behavior with a strong drug addiction, so what you witness could be signs similar to the withdrawal symptoms.

9. You spend an excessive amount of cash on porn
 You spend an excessive amount of cash on porn
A common practice of most successful business these days is to send out incentives for their loyal customers. While it is nothing wrong with receiving a few discount coupons from your favorite clothes outlet or the grocery shop, you should be worried if your email is filled with weekly coupons from the local sex shop. Moreover, you should consider seeking professional help if you spend more on cyber pleasures than your normal household bills.

10. You got into trouble with the law
You got into trouble with the law
As prostitution and public sex are against the law in most countries, a sex addict is surely going to have some legal issues in the long run. In addition, since they are seeking something different every time, there are high chances they will be putting themselves in compromising positions and could be fined for indecent exposure, lewd behavior or even go to court to defend himself against sex offense charges.



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