Regular Sex Makes Brain Work Better And Faster

Regular Sex Makes Brain Work Better And Faster

You know that sex is good for your health, confidence in your relationship, etc. But did you know that it makes your brain work better?

The more often you have sex, the better and faster your brain works.This is claimed by a recent scientific study conducted at the University of Princeton, according to which sex expands the brain and reinforces its synapses (connections between brain cells).

Surveys that were conducted till now have shown that our brain functions get “blocked”when we experience stressful and uncomfortable situations. Thus, researchers from Princeton wanted to see whether the opposite statement is true: if our brain expands in situations that cause some anxiety, but at the same time are enjoyable, such as sexual intercourse.

 As a part of the research, scientists conducted a series of experiments on mice. Initially, the researchers divided male mice into three groups: mice that were in daily sexual intercourse with female species, mice that had sexual interaction once every two weeks and mice that did not have it at all.

The results were impressive: the brain of male mice that had regular sexual interaction grew and synapses between their brain cells reinforced. In contrast, in mice that had no sexual intercourses there was no change.



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