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Don’t Throw Away The Walnut Shells – They Are A Great Medicine For A Number Of Diseases

Barriers of walnut shells have unique properties, a large amount of iodine required for the norma...

What Is Wine Doing To Your Face? How Bad Diet Habits Destroy Your Complexion

Common skin problems everyone faces could be a result of poor diet choices. This is according to...

White And Strong Teeth Until Old Age: Natural Recipe From Tibetan Monks

The fact that the Tibetan monks have very healthy teeth until old age dates from ancient times. I...

Make Detox Foot Pads at Home and Remove All the Dangerous Toxins from Your Body Overnight

Detox foot pads were first used in Japan. It is about stick-on pads that need to be placed on the so...

7 Conditions Remedied By Pineapple

When you think of a pineapple, what comes to mind? Piña coladas perhaps? Cue the song!) Or Hawaii...

Amazing Trick to Whiten Dark Lips NATURALLY!

Dark lips might be a result of excessive dead skin on the top of your skin or excessive exposure to ...

How To Tell If You Have Computer Vision Syndrome (And How to Fix It)

Computers, while wonderful, routinely stress your eyes. A name actually exists for this eyestrain—co...

Do It Yourself: Very Effective Homemade Cream for Scar Removal!

Whether it is from a childhood incident, minor accident or even acne, scars happen. Though they m...

Ancient Japanese-Fighters Finger Trick to Kill Pain without Medication

To help fight off pain we can learn from the past. Even though there has been many amazing devel...

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Salt Water For A Week

If there was a simple, low cost, effective way to improve your overall general health wouldn’t ...

Why You Ought to Try Washing Your Face with Honey

Have you ever wondered what is in the soap you currently use? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a 100%...

5-Year Old Beat Leukemia With Cannabis Oil When Chemotherapy Failed

Two years ago, Landon Riddle had acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the blood and bone ma...

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