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The Real Truth About Beans and Why You Shouldn’t Eat Them

This might be shocking to you, but certain types of beans can be quite poisonous. Did you know ...

How To Make Pineapple Water And What Are The Benefits Of Drinking It On An Empty Stomach?

You’ve heard of the super fruits, like blueberries, pomegranates and acia, and how they are amazi...

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Nose Fast At Home

Blackheads, or small dark spots on your skin, are also known as ‘open comedones,’ whereas whitehe...

The Truth About Canned Soup: You’ve Been Poisoning Yourself for Years

Do you really know what’s in your canned soup? How about toxic, dangerous, and hormone disrupting...

Things Your Saliva Says About Your Health‏

Every day, your body produces roughly 50 ounces of saliva. (Ewww.) But you probably don’t give y...

6 Reasons You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Be Eating Spicy Foods

You’ve spiced up your life, you’ve spiced up your house, and you’ve spiced up your smoothies . Bu...

Sleeping On The Left Side Provides Health!!

It has been proven that the way we sleep can help our digestive system. The monks used to lie dow...

This Doctor Prescribes Fruits And Vegetables Instead Of Drugs!

Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” Most doctors don’t ...

Fluoride Linked to Coronary Heart Disease

When Will the Fluoride Poisoning Stop? Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2010: “Pr...

This Plant Kills Cancer and Stops Diabetes

Goya or Bitter melon (you may have also heard it referred to as Karela, Balsam Pear or Bitter Gourd...

Smart People Live Longer — Here’s Why

Smarter people tend to live longer than those with less luck in the intelligence department. Now,...

12 Antioxidant-Rich Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Inflammation is an important immune system function. But, when out of control, it can cause seriou...

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