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Most Valuable Foods On The Planet

Food has value in that it costs something and it helps you grow and live. For 99 percent of the Earth’s human population, acquiring food is ...

Always Eat Fruits On An Empty Stomach: Myth Or Fact?

If you were advised to eat fruits only on an empty stomach, this is a myth. No matter when you eat fruits, you still gain all of their nutri...

New Nanotreansfection Device Heals Organs And Tissue In A 'Fraction Of A Second'

Researchers from Ohio State University have announced the development of an incredible new technology referred to as tissue nano transfectio...

The CDC Just Had To Issue A Warning Telling People Not To Eat A Part Of Their Own Body

You know there are some things you really shouldn’t have to tell people, right? I mean stuff like don’t walk in front of cars. That should b...

Combination of Three Plant-Based Nutrients Found To Melt Away Prostate Cancer Cells

A fascinating new study published in Precision Oncology has found that a combination of three plant-based nutrients “melts away” prostate ca...

Cannabis As Medicine: How CBD (Cannabidiol) Benefits The Brain and Nervous System

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active cannabinoid found in cannabis which, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), does not produce a psychoactive effec...

Everyone You Know Is About To Start Taking This Buzzy Vitamin

You’ve got vitamin C (an attempt to avoid getting sick), vitamin D (who has time for the sun?), and magnesium (because you read somewhere th...

Oncologists Urge You To Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

According to medical experts, cancer is a complex set of diseases, which might be a result of various factors, such as: genetics, specific i...

Study Proves Eating Pizza Could Help You Lose Weight

Good news! Eating pizza could actually help you make your goal weight—so get ready to have a nice hot one delivered in about 45 minutes. I k...

10 Foods & Supplements That Reverse Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease can be cause by two different factors. Alcoholic liver disease is common in alcoholics. It involves a condition in which...

This Guy Cured His Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, and He Decide to Share His Story

This is such an amazing and inspiring story of this man; even the doctors told him that he had only a few months left to live his life. ...

A Delicious And Easy Way To Boost Your Immunity

Here is a delicious and easy way to boost your body’s ability to respond to allergies, infections and inflammatory conditions. Medicin...

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